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Oneness Awakening Course with Kundalatdevi

Krishna with Radha

Oneness University
Oneness University Temple in India

The Oneness Awakening Course, shows us that the karma of life is often about relationships. These relationships include the relationship with our parents, with our partner and with our children. Only when we can balance the karma in our relationships would we be free to grow and overcome obstacles that used to hinder us, and that we felt were impossible for us. Only when we accept this karma of our relationships could we start to experience Love. When we start to be able to create change in our lives and start experiencing Love then happiness and abundance come to us.

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Oneness Awakening Course with Clearing of Negative Core Karma, in-residence 3 days and 4 nights, inclusive of private accommodations, food and Albuquerque airport to facility shuttle.

Price: $987.00

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